Article on Suit selection

Suit Selection

James Moran

I am going to explain a bit about the different specifications to consider when buying your new suit whether you are a total beginner or a ninja in any of the disciplines.

Article on Skydiving progression / events guide

Skydiving Progression Events Guide

Ally Milne

There comes a point in everyone's skydiving progression the initial rush of adrenaline, fear and nervousness subsides, this leaves a lot of people looking for the next challenge, which often means improving their skills or trying a new discipline.

Article on getting current

Getting Current

Ally Milne

Ok so we all know the situation by now, coming out of the back of one of the worst winters in recent times, the Coronavirus began to spread rapidly, and eventually for our own good the country is put into lockdown for weeks on end.

Article on Competing in Freefly B

Competing in Freefly B

Ally Milne

Many people start Freeflying because they are looking for challenge, and to push themselves by learning how to fly their body in a variety of new and exciting ways. Once we have been freeflying a while it can sometimes be easy to get stuck and fall into the trap of just doing the same sitfly jumps.

Article on Camera flying by Chris Cook.

Why being a goalkeeper sucks

Chris Cook

Be honest, while watching sport, when do you actually notice the goalkeeper? I'm pretty sure most answers would fall into two categories: when they make an awesome save, and when they have a shocker and the ball slips through their legs into the back of the net.

Article on CRW by Jake Manwaring.

Weather forecast CRW'Y with a chance of torrential downplanes

Jake Manwaring

Ever been on a flight line check where you’ve seen a few colourfully dressed Skydivers, with rigs that have so much canopy hanging out some would consider it already a Malfunction? You may also have seen the various military display team with hook & J knifes the size of something Rambo would use... or maybe it’s the ridiculous dirt dives you’ve seen; full of shouting and accessories that don’t look like they belong on any skydiver. Well there’s a reason for all of it and hopefully this article will help you understand and give you an insight to the crazy fun world of CRW.

Article on Canopy skills

Canopy Skills

Ally Milne

One key area I think we as a sport can improve on is Canopy Skills, in regard to, discipline and experience. We develop our canopy skills in our early progression from our instructors.

Article on wingloading

Understanding Wingloading

Ally Milne

Not knowing your wing loading as a licensed skydiver is just like not knowing the current landing direction. It's an important piece of knowledge that everyone should know, luckily it is easy to work out as I explain below.